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Bontecn Group China Co., Ltd.,

Bontecn Group China was established in 2003 by Longyang Chemical. All the companies of the group are engaged in the production of PVC additives and rubber and plastic additives. It is a professional group integrating scientific research, development, sales, service and investment enterprise.

was established in 2003.


more than 20 collaborative teams.


more than 20 intermediate
R & D personnel .


has 5 senior R & D personnel.

application area

Our products can be used for

0 1 PVC Hard Products

PVC Hard Products

PVC Hard Products

Using CPE and PVC blended plastic doors and windows, the elasticity, toughness and low temperature performance are greatly improved, and the weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability are good.

0 2 Pelletizing and Cable

Pelletizing and Cable

Pelletizing and Cable

Since the CPE molecule does not contain double chains, it has good weather resistance, flame resistance, thermal stability better than PVC, low cost and excellent performance.

0 3 Anticorrosive Coating

Anticorrosive Coating

Anticorrosive Coating

Formerly known as Longyang Chemical, was established in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of plastics, rubber auxiliaries, is a collection of scientific research, development, sales, service...

0 4 Rubber Soft Products

Rubber Soft Products

Rubber Soft Products

Plasticizers and antioxidants used in rubber and plastics are more effective in semi-rigid and soft PVC, especially in injection molding and secondary processed products.


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The difference between toughening agents and impact modifiers in PVC additives

PVC has many excellent properties and is widely used, but its impact strength, low-temperature impact strength, and other impact properties are not perfect. Therefore, impact modifiers need to be added to change this disadvantage. Common impact modifiers include CPE, ABS, MBS, EVA, SBS, etc. Toug...

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New Changes in the Global Natural Rubber Market Pattern

From a global perspective, an economist at the Natural Rubber Producers Association stated that in the past five years, global demand for natural rubber has grown relatively slowly compared to production growth, with China and India, the two major consumer countries, accounting for 51% of global ...


The difference and application between CPE and ACR

CPE is the abbreviation for chlorinated polyethylene, which is a product of high-density polyethylene after chlorination, with a white appearance of small particles. CPE has the dual properties of plastic and rubber, and has good compatibility with other plastics and rubber. Therefore, except for...


The impact of PVC products on people’s lives

PVC products have a profound and complex impact on human life, and they penetrate into our daily lives in many ways. First of all, PVC products are widely used in many fields due to their durability, plasticity and relatively low cost, thus greatly improving the convenience of human life. In the ...


Advantages of CPE application in cables

As for low-voltage wires and cables, they are mainly divided into two categories according to their purpose: construction wires and electrical equipment wires. In the construction wire, it was natural rubber insulated woven asphalt coated wire as early as the 1960s. Since the 1970s, it has been c...

Several factors affecting PVC plasticization

Several factors affecting PVC plasticization

Plasticization refers to the process of rolling or extruding raw rubber to improve its ductility, flowability, and other properties, in order to facilitate subsequent processing such as molding 1. Processing conditions: Under normal processing conditions, the plasticization rate of PVC resin incr...